Dienstag, 30. Juni 2015

Faroe Islands Card

Here you could see another postcard from the beautiful Faroe Islands. The islands are located between the British Isles, Norway and Island. The islands are of volanic origin and are about 60 million years old. 17 out of 18 islands are inhabited. On the postcard there is the island of Koltur; it is now uninhabited, but was inhabited until a few years by two people! About 50.000 people are living on the Faroe islands and the capital city is Torshavn. The currency is the Faroese krona. The most important economic factors are fisheries and tourism. A controversial fact is that the Faroe Islands are operating whale hunt every summer. The weather is normally wet and volatible, but there is no day which is completey rainny. I think it's a very beautiful island, which i would love to visit someday!

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