Dienstag, 23. Dezember 2014

Bolivia Card II

Today i'll show you this lovely postcard which i received from Mauro. Bolivia is a state in South America and it's capital city is Sucre, the seat of government is La Paz. About 10 million people are living in this country and the currency is the Boliviano. Bolivia has 5 neighbour states: Brasil, Paraguay, Argentina, Peru and Chile. The climate in Bolivia is very diverse: in the area around the Lake Titicaca there is a moderate mountain-climate, at the east side of the Anden you can find warm to subtropical climate and in the lowland savanna climate is prevailing. The official language is Spanish and Bolivia became indepent from Spain in 1825. The biggest cities in Bolivia are Santa Cruz de la Sierra, El Alto and La Paz. Despite to the wealth of mineral desposits, Bolivia was for a long time the poorest country in South America, two-third of the population lived in poverty. Since the natural gas industry was nationalized, the public revenue could have been increased. A relative large part of the population is still working in the agriculture. Bolivia has the third largest oil reserves in South America.

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