Dienstag, 28. Oktober 2014

Tuvalu Card

Today i'll show you my first postcard from Tuvalu! I received this wonderful postcard Kaycie, a 12 year old girl, who participated in a great school project called "We are one" supported by Emily. Tuvalu is a tiny island in the Pacific Ocean. It's a parlamentary monchary and member of the Commonwealth of Nations. The capital city is Funafuti and the island has about 10.000 inhabitants. The currency is the Australian Dollar and the Tuvaluan Dollar. The official language is English and Tuvaluan. The island is indepent from the UK since 01.10.1978 and was former called "Ellice island". Tuvalu is with 26 km² the 4th smallest counry in the world! The island is located only 5 meter above sea level and is threatened by the climate change.The name Tuvalu means eight islands, even though there are now nine islands inhabited. In Tuvalu there are 8 km asphalted road and is thereby the country with the lowest kilometer of street in the world!

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