Montag, 7. April 2014

Christmas Island Card

Here is anther fabolous postcard for you. The following postcard made it's long way from the Christmas Island to my home! On the postcard you could see the capital city Flying Fish Cove or also known as The Settlement. The Christmas Island is an island in the Pacific Ocean, which belongs politically to Australia. About 2.100 people are living on this small island. The people there are friendly and helpfully, as you could see i got this great card. :) I really like this stamps very much as it combines the sepciose fauna on the island with the islands name on a very creative way. The currency is the Australian Dollar. The most popular animal on the island is the Christmas Island crab, which only occures on the Christmas Island and on the Cocos Islands. Every year in november the crabs are making their way from the woods to the coast, to emit their eggs in the sea.

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